Doctor Spotlight: Dr. William Burleson

Here at Cedar Lake Oncology, we have a radiation oncologist that we feel deserves a huge spotlight.

Dr. Burleson is certified by the American Board of Radiology in Radiation Oncology, and currently practices in Biloxi, Mississippi. He has his certifications to practice in MS, OK, TX, and NM.  He earned his degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Medical School, and did his residencies at both the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Burleson is very passionate about what he does, and has proved this through multiple published studies of his research on ocular globe topography, multiple brain metastases treated with surgery and radiotherapy, and in vivo isocenter doses in hip prosthesis patients.

You can read the full studies here:

Comments on ocular globe topography in Radiotherapy

Multiple brain metastases are associated with poor survival in patients treated with surgery and radiotherapy

In vivo isocenter dose in two hip prosthesis patients