Top 5 RSNA Takeaways

With a new year upon us, we wanted to share the five biggest takeaways from 2013’s RSNA meeting.

1) Questions persist about radiology’s direction

The radiology profession seems to be stuck in a “holding pattern.” The discipline has been in a slump for the past five years, and there are no signs of declining, but little sign of improvement either. Rather, we’re entering into an “Era of Lowered Expectations.”

2) Everyone’s talking about breast density and DBT

The usual mammogram approach to battle breast cancer has been a hot topic of conversation as of late, as it’s proven less effective for women with dense breasts. Debate circles the way women are notified about their breast density.

3) Informatics seizes the limelight

“The push towards accountable care models and the ever-growing need for efficiency gains and smarter radiology workflow was the key driver behind much of the activity in radiology informatics…”

4) Residents fret about jobs, but reality is less dire

Medical students and residents grow concerned, probably because of the “Era of Lowered Expectations,” that there won’t be a job for them when they’re ready, but the RSNA decided that it’s not a concern. The need for radiologists shows now signs of disappearing.

5) Medical imaging is no longer a healthcare cost driver

A stigma has previously been attached to radiology as an easy way for doctors to make money: keep ordering more imaging tests, but now “anecdotal reports from various sources have suggested that advanced imaging is no longer growing,” meaning that only necessary tests are being ordered.

You can read a much more detailed report about the RSNA takeaways here.