Concentrating on the Head and Neck

Teaching hospitals and academic medical centers are increasing their focus on head and neck cancer treatments.

A study headed by Elliot Abemayor, MD, PhD, with the University of California at Los Angeles’ David Geffen School of Medicine showed a significant increase in patients with head and neck cancer over ten years.

Abemayor used the inpatient admissions statistics from the national health care database to analyze the numbers. The Nationwide Inpatient Sample offered the following results:

Year: 2000

  • 28,862 inpatient head and neck cancer cases
  • 61.7% admissions to teaching hospitals
  • 69.2% large-bed-size hospital cases

Year: 2005

  • 33,517 inpatient head and neck cancer cases
  • 64.2% admissions to teaching hospitals
  • 71.4% large-bed-size hospital cases

Year: 2010

  • 37,354 inpatient head and neck cancer cases
  • 79.8% admissions to teaching hospitals
  • 73.3% large-bed-size hospital cases

These statistics show that head and neck cancers need more attention, and we’re reading to give that to you at Cedar Lake Oncology. Call us today.

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