The Link Between Obesity and Pancreatic Cancer

US researchers are currently exploring the link between cancer and obesity.

Studies in the past have shown that “having a high body mass index (BMI) could boost an individual’s chances of developing [pancreatic] cancer,” however, it’s still undetermined how weight affects the severity of the cancer.

When is someone considered obese? In terms of BMI…

-       Less than 18.5 is underweight

-       18.5 through 24.9 is normal

-       25.0 through 29.9 is overweight

-       30.0 and higher is obese

How does this affect the cancer?

The subjects were tracked throughout their treatment processes. On average, for all individuals, “their overall median survival period was five months after being diagnosed.” Those with a “healthy” weight usually lived about two or three months longer.

After accounting for gender, age, smoking, race, ethnicity, and stage, the results were still considered relevant.

While this study won’t change the course of treatment, it does highlight the importance of weight management, especially during the course of cancer treatment.

You can read the full article from Yahoo News here.